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What is TobTax Determination?

TobTax Determination is a platform that provides real-time tobacco excise tax calculation and allows businesses to incorporate tobacco tax calculations from within their invoice orders.

To use TobTax Determination, you simply:

  • Install the TobTax Determination plug-in or web service application.
  • Create an account using the code that we provide you with.
  • Configure states, product type mapping, and exemptions.
  • Create tobacco invoice to test.

Key Features

Real Time Tax Determination: TobTax Determination offers realtime identification and computation of tobacco excise tax for transactions across all states including city, county and local jurisdictions. Our platform fully integrates with your ERP, financial, or invoicing system by using a downloadable plug-in to communicate with TobTax’s server. With our automated system, users are able to calculate tobacco tax before saving an invoice at any time.

Automated Tax Returns: With TobTax Determination you can generate signature ready returns for all your tobacco tax transactions thereby automating the entire process of tax filing and reducing IT software and tax accounting costs.

Accurate Reporting: The TobTax Determination extension stays up-to-date with all the latest tax rules and rates so you don’t have to. Any changes made to an invoice will trigger and update the tax amount automatically. Our platform also offers transparency by providing details on tax calculation errors and identifying data sources for visibility on how calculations are performed.

Comprehensive Coverage: TobTax Determination fully supports filing excise and sales & use tax for tobacco products for all major federal, state, county and local jurisdictions.

Security: Avior supports the use of SSL to secure data in transit.

Support: Our team of experienced technical staff and customer support is here to help you with whatever tobacco tax related questions you have. We will do our best to help find a solution quickly and efficiently. 

How It Works

After installing and setting up the plug-in or web service application, all you have to do is create your account with a code that we provide you with and configure your account to match your needs. That’s it. A merchant does not need to perform any additional actions to incorporate tobacco excise taxes into tobacco orders.

Read the FAQs and our TobTax Determination blog to learn more.

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