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TobTax Minimum Cigarette Prices

Tobacco Minimum Prices

Computing the retail minimum price for cigarette

Cigarette Minimum Prices

Half of US states have minimum cigarette price laws that were originally passed to protect small independent retailers from unfair price competition with larger retailers. These laws prohibit cigarettes from being sold below a minimum price that is set by a formula.

Minimum cigarette pricing is a government policy that sets a floor price for cigarettes, ensuring that they cannot be sold below a certain price point.


Avior’s Minimum Cigarette Prices is a web service API used by back-office systems to determine retail minimum price for cigarette.
The wholesale and retail minimum prices are calculated on the list price of cigarettes reported by the manufacturers before any approved adjustments for promotions or discounts.

Key Features

  • Full Coverage: All states with minimum cigarette prices are supported by Determination.
  • Minimum prices Updates: Continually updated tax rules and minimum prices.
  • Seamless Integration: Full integration into ERP or financial system.


By integrating Avior minimum prices determination to manage your minimum prices compliance, you’ll be able to:
  • Ensure Accuracy: Minimum prices accuracy ensures compliance with tax rules.
  • Reduce Costs: Reduce IT software and Tax Accounting costs.
  • Gain Transparency: Identify data sources and get complete visibility to how minimum prices determination is preformed.