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TobTax Archiving

Tobacco Tax Archiving

Now you can ensure compliance, reduce costs, mitigate risks, improve accuracy, and maximize efficiency by using TobTax.

Tobacco Tax Archiving

TobTax Archiving backs up historical tax processing data to improve system performance. Tax groups gain more control over the information that is available and the speed in which they can gain access to it. By using TobTax Archiving, tax department can gain more control over the information, increase efficiency, and enhance audit performance. Data is archived conforming with data retention requirements and is available on-demand for query or amendment processing reasons.


TobTax Archiving handles the large amount of data generated when preparing tax returns. Tax department can access historical data on-demand making it seamless to support tax audits. TobTax allows users the ability to set own archiving specifications and improve system performance by moving historical information to backup storage. Users can view, report, purge, and recover archived data.

Key Features

  1. Encrypts, compresses and archive tax data files
  2. Easily restores tax data via on-demand query
  3. Provides reports of archived data files
  4. User-specified data files archiving rules


By using TobTax Archiving, users can:
  1. Increase processing system performance
  2. Remove dependency on IT system availability
  3. Ensure security, controls, and retention requirements
  4. Provide support to the tax auditing process